Wednesday, September 15, 2004

This is.............Lone Twin 

Tuesday Night, September 14th

This is ..... Lone Twin 2 Brits on a stage reading off clipboards

This is ..... Lone Twin trusting in the incantation and litany
of (I think)192 this is's.....

This is ..... Lone Twin telling (silence with eyes closed here)

This is ..... Lone Twin talking about (silence with eyes closed
here) walking along (silence with eyes closed here)
and how people from (silence with eyes closed here)
come one at time or in crowds as large as (silence
with eyes closed here) to join them along
their walking way

This is ..... Lone Twin Gregg listening along with us and Gary
singing acappella

This is ..... Lone Twin Gary listening along with us and Gregg
singing acappella

This is ..... Lone Twin using a remote control clicker from out
of a pants pocket to start and stop the video up
stage from them showing them walking, them walking
with others, of them walking for 18 hours back and
forth crossing over and over the same two bridges,
of a not-man-some-creature someone told them
about who appears to be walking into a forest

This is ..... Lone Twin with a black box in between them filled
up with different color and different sized water
bottles each with water from a river some where
they've been walking

This is ..... Lone Twin whose work made me miss Miranda July
because if there's an art genre for what she does
they do it too

This is ..... Lone Twin being quizzical for all humanity about
what happens when we do what we do when we walk
and perspire and sing and don't sing
and putting it all together in show so we can
remember who we are we
can remember that all of the wonder really is in our
own backyard (click click) in
our own body in our own feet in our own words
in our own telling

This is ..... Lone Twin who p.s. I loved their performance
like love with a sigh attached at a moment you get
into bed like overjoyed love
when the sun weasles out for a moment in a
bleak January sky
like amazed love when you get that you do
& can really love
like risky love when you know it probably won't
happen but you tell them you love them and you
tell them you would love to see them again

This is ..... Saturday night Sept. 18th 9pm and YOU finding
out where Lone Twin is performing because you
can't (silence with eyes closed here) stay away

This is ..... Lilian Gael


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