Wednesday, September 15, 2004

TBA and H2O 

1. The first night of the festival, it rains.

2. At the Schnitzer, a bottle of water costs two dollars and fifty cents.  Purchased one anyway due to dehydration.  Tried to savor each mouthful, holding it on my tongue for as long as possible.  Tried to remain conscious and appreciative of each swallow.  Forgot after about ten minutes.

3. Diamanda Galas drinks from a bottle of water between songs.  My friend suggests that she should be drinking from a goblet or a chalice at least, to maintain the illusion.

4. Martha, The brilliantly funny clear carbon copy impersonator of Martha Graham ends her performance by saying goodbye to the audience with tears running down (the inside of) her cheeks.

5. Lone Twin are encompassed, enveloped, enamored, engaged, engulfed, enrapt, enlivened and enlarged by water.

6. In the documentary of her travels in Vietnam, Kimi Takesue sees brilliantly.  In one scene, a photographer at the beach sets up families and girls for their portraits, carefully adjusting their poses and standing in a full suit up to his knees in the ocean to take the shot.  (We will not discuss the pool movie.)

7. Headlong Dance Theater. A dance in a hotel swimming pool?  I can’t wait.  

8. Saturday night Lone Twin will personally transport and engage with Portland's water in their attempt to create a cloud.  They leave at 9 from Wieden and Kennedy.


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