Monday, September 20, 2004

Sunday, September 19 

Sunday Morning:
Breakfast of Champions. See the young people mock every style of performance from modern dance to performance art. Yeah! Refreshingly cheeky and partly to mostly clever, MC’d by the seemingly dangerous Johnny Bigshot. Donuts and coffee and cartoons and Ryan Boyle is a treasure of a local young artist/performer. Then the tables pushed back and a noon dance party that seems to purify the gray ashes of Machinework’s morning after.

Sunday afternnon:
Lewis Klahr. He is a charming speaker and shows some trippingly wonderful stuff. “Elliptical narrative” which means, just try and follow me while I run around in circles. I especially liked Pony Glass, the secret story of Jimmy Olson in which cut out cartoons interact and speak in broken and crossed out words which fly out of their mouths in speech bubbles and bump into each other. But the novelty of the animated porn, which was dispersed pretty widely through out, wore off quickly and then began to wear on one.

Sunday night:
Transplant France. The Tale of the floating World, Alain Escalle and Cecile le Prado. I could only stay for the movie as I was headed to Headlong. The movie was sort of video-game-Japanese-comic-book-poetry style. There was some beautiful imagery good enough to eat. Almost 3 dimensional; a boat floats on thick wave curling water, a woman sits in traditional Japanese clothing and plays an instrument in the thick green upon green grass until the storm comes and tears everything apart , dragons made of light, and the eye clawing tragedy of it spoke directly to my guilt ridden American conscience. War, acid rain and all.

Headlong. Yes, a pool. It is so nice to sit by a pool. It is a brilliant idea to stage a performance in one. The standing on water is clever. The whole “was it all a dream?” plotline could use some serious rethinking. It was still nice and surreal to be there, the last sleepy wet night of TBA, smelling of chlorine.

And one other thing that I neglected to mention: AC Dickson is a lean mean selling machine! I haven’t seen “Eye of the Tiger” danced to like that since I saw my little sister’s cheerleading group do their first routine in our Junior High School Gymnasium. L@@K him up!

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