Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Special recomendations just for you.  

Where will we be ten days from now? The artists, volunteers and press will be exhausted- and so will the rest of us, the city will be a little strange without all of us running around talking about how our minds were blown apart by the tiny movement of Ros Warby's hand, or Diamanda's vocal range and/or vocal rage... for that matter. But right now lets not concentrate on the end - lets concentrate on the very beginning.

A few notes from the office. If you have not already reserved tickets for Diamanda - you should hop to it as audiences are filling up fast, if you still want to know more about how the festival came to be (and where it is going) pack a lunch and come to the TBA 101 class this friday the 10th at noon (at PICA) where Artistic Director, Kristy Edmunds schools us at the first Institute chat of TBA O4. If you fear commitment cure yourself by attending the multi-tract, multi-day epic living novel by Heather Woodbury, If you fear life in general go see Sarah Rudinoff be brave enough for all of us, if you want watch the history of japanese culture from butoh to hip-hop pop bubblegum legwarmers unfold go see Akira Kasai, if you want to see where the world is headed learn about Romanian choreography from Cosmin Manolescu, if you want to hear a poem or two follow the wanderings and wonderings of David Eckard. There is so much more- If you need more advice- you should be checking here more often, we wiill have alot more to say in the next few days that might help you on your way. And when we make it to the end- lets meet at MACHINEWORKS and dance the Art Hangover off at the Breakfast of Champions. See you there - or here real soon.

Yours in word and deed,

Kristan Kennedy

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