Monday, September 20, 2004

Saturday, September 18 

Saturday Afternoon:
David Eckard. I find him outside of the Guild. It’s raining and he is saying things on a podium, gestural things, platitudes, poetry. He lifts one arm, then the other. It sounds good. People smile as they walk by in that eye-arching way. They make eye contact with me and smile as if to say, that guy doesn’t fool me with his fancy ideas. He reminds me of a kind of sea creature, the kind that has a hard shell and is soft on the inside. He carries the shell around on his back and climbs in and out of it.

Janie Geiser. Dreamy, shadows of leaves in the wind, yellow wallpaper, girls scraping back and forth across the screen, little tiny doll things, cut images with images between images upon images, lace and dissection at once.

Saturday Night:
Khaela. Her idea is very well developed and her charm is innate. The audience is extremely receptive and wants to be convinced. The performance itself though, goes off track at some point during or after the questions and answers. The video is what lost me. Olympia template. The songs are really sweet and successful though, they nestle in that place where something just feels right and you can’t explain why.

Lone Twin. is something special. When they stood on opposite street corners yelling back and forth to each other “I hope everyone is going to be O.K.”, I felt so grateful and surprised. In art, the value of surprise is profound as it can describe and culminate in wonder. Wonder is a rare and valuable thing to convey or produce. Lone Twin seems to have a talent for genuine engagement with place. When describing their work in the noontime chats, they used the words “site responsive” rather than “site specific”. It is an accurate distinction and their interaction with Portland felt both real and interesting. They tell stories of people and occurrences that charm them enough to become part of the act. The performance itself is an amalgamation of experience of both performance and life. So, we hear stories of other places, of people and things that have been or might have been and woven into the body of the text are the new things, things that happened earlier that day or were happening right that minute. And I was holding a glass of river water and I couldn’t bring myself to throw it at them.

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