Sunday, September 19, 2004

Our Little Sunbeam loses some of the 33 Fainting Spells Magic 

Look at how excited we all were! A night at the theatre with 33 Fainting Spells!

I still remember how exciting it was to see September September some years ago.

But all we discovered was that the world now has yet another play where the actors try too hard to examine the obvious artificial nature of theatre and psychoanalyze their characters.

And just in case the audience doesn't care about the plight of the actors, well, there's some choreography to pep things up,

a little bit of helium to make us giggle,

and some pop culture costume changes to keep things spicy.

33FS's preoccupation this time around with investigating the links between Chekhov's Ivanov and the early U.S. space program doesn't get much deeper than a few ironic re-creations of history and art, making it feel a bit like the Wooster Group Lite. But this isn't what I know 33 Fainting Spells is capable of. So, I hope they reread their Meyerhold books and gets back to work on making the body their canvas and gestures their tools. Akira Kasai's got what I'm talking about. I'll post more about him soon.

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