Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Onboard with States Rights Records 

So, it was, like, the guy who does the beats for The Blow, right?

Right. Y.A.C.H.T. But Bobby Birdman and Lucky Dragons and DJ Hot Air Balloon did their respective things, too.

And they’re all on States Rights Records?

I guess so.

And they’re like DJ’s or something.

Definitely "Or something."


Or something. They didn’t spin records, well, some did, but that was more of an aside. They wove together loops with various kinesthetically-linked electronic moments while kinda making love to their Mac’s ... Or maybe it was more like a form of prayer than lovemaking, but not "prayer" in the Christian sense of the word – although they did kneel a lot. It was more vodoo-licious and unadulterated than the highly proscribed movements you’d see at most Sunday services – like they were being whipped around by the music, or a giant invisible dog, or I guess a dinosaur, one with small arms and big teeth. But then again there were moments when they were definitely kissed by a comforting Pacific Island breeze rustling through palm fronds and transfixed by the hypnotic pull of meticulously imaged Mayan calendar wheels spinning about. It worked.

Did you say they made love to computers?

Not literally, but kinda. They danced, which on some level is like a cloudy window into how someone might be in the sack. Know what I mean?


Regardless, it was a performance and surprisingly enough, visually it worked. It was kinda frantic and sweaty and weird, but honest and unhindered – like when you sing your favorite song in the comfort and security of your own car, or when you dance in your living room when no one else is home. It was wild and unashamed and geeky in a knee-weakening way. Know what I mean?


Oh. Well ... it was good.

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