Friday, September 17, 2004

noontime is the right time 

for anyone who has not attended at least one of TBA's noontime chats, cancel those lunch dates and head over to PICA (or Umpqua Bank today- friday) during these last few days and start listening. As one who often misses those life-altering thought provoking lectures and discussions from my art-history-major college days, I love the mini-course in cultural criticism I’m getting for free. my fellow bloggers have insightfully reported on the great conversations coming out of these chats, so i'm sure i don't have to do to much convincing. no matter which one you catch, i predict you'll pick up on a few consistent and seminal seeming themes for this festival. I haven’t been surprised, necessarily, but I have been intrigued and inspired by what I’m hearing again and again, the most similar chats for me being AC Dickson and Khaela Maricich discussing their takes on corporate culture, and the “On the Road” group including lonetwin, Amos Lattier, MK, Cris and Molly of the Red Shoe Delivery Service, and David Eckard whose self-as-speaker-and-stage piece Podium is traveling down the waterfront this weekend. The most obvious examples of cross-over from these two chats are: the notion of persona/character vs. just being yourself; the thin barrier between what makes it a “regular” activity and what makes it “art”; and the shifting expectations by involving the audience as participants in a piece. These common streams have given me the most to think about during the festival as an audience member, an amateur critical thinker and writer, and a hopeful artist myself (even though all of my incredibly inspiring and fantastically thought-provoking pieces exist now as mere blurry clouds of thoughts in my head, and I’ve made no time until now to think them through with my great job that serves my passion to create more support for the arts in the first place). I’m not sure I can even express anything insightful at this point, but I just want to share myself as an example of a convert. I’ve been mostly fine putting any kind of personally creative activity on the back burner while I work for the arts during the day and as an audience member. Now I see my excuses for doing so evaporating into thin air and the blurry cloud forming into something more real in their place (hopefully just like the cloud that lonetwin will attempt to create on Saturday) as my drive to get out there and do it picks up speed. It started with ACDickson’s motivational seminar. His powerselling abilities sold me and this week has led me more and more to believe what he said - that I can be just like him, and just like so many other artists that I’ve mentioned - just someone who creates, for myself and those around me, as much art as possible out of every minute of my day.

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