Sunday, September 12, 2004

Noontime Chat: TBA 101. 

So my indoctrination into this year's TBA festivities began with a talk given by Kristy Edmunds in the W+K 6th floor lunchroom. And what a lunchroom it is. I spent much of the time drooling over the countertops and wondering whether the kitchen appliances gleaming behind Kristy were Gaggeneau or my other current favorite brand. This is the curse of remodeling a newly purchased home. You can't help but notice these things, even when people are saying exciting things about international performing arts festivals.

Despite the distraction of fancy appliances and the annoying W+K intercom, I captured a few important tidbits from Kristy that I'll repeat here:

1. The City of Portland gave PICA a $25k gift this year that has to be matched ASAP. So cough up a membership gift.

2. Portland Monthly Magazine has coupons and such for TBA sponsoring stores and restaurants. Use them. That's how PICA demonstrates the economic impact of all this to the people who hold the purse strings. Yes, our society still measures everything in dollars, so just get over it. We know the real impact.

3. The amazing new Machineworks black box space that I photographed Erin at yesterday is temporary. Soon it will be replaced with something that the Pearl really needs more of.

Yikes! I have three more shows to write about, but I have to hurry to make Zoe Beloff's last performance. More soon…

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