Sunday, September 12, 2004

monstersquad day two 

have people been talking about monstersquad? what a difference a day makes. today i witnessed lines to get in, seats filling up and a buzz in the air. TBA is getting serious...i went into today's performance deciding to sit on stage left rather than the center. maybe the different angle changed my entire point of view, or maybe everything really was that different. sitting closer to menomena and their instruments, the music seemed louder and pulled me in more and created an entirely different feel as i viewed the dancers' story. it took me forever to realize that i wasn't even able to see the clock. perhaps that's why i felt like today's performance flew by. today, monstersquad didn't mean time-based, except maybe "time to forget about stuff like time" to be simple, i just was overwhelmed. i loved it.

the movie "we don't live here anymore" is about two couples - each co-existing in what can't really be referred to as happy marriages, though they may seem that way at first glance. one couple barely co-exists, engaging in illicit actions that may have once been meant to provoke each other but now just fill up their time of disengagement. the other couple, fiery, fierce and fragile, seem to be a few steps behind on a similar path. either they'll provoke each other into fixing things, or wind up the same as the others. this is the same story i saw monstersquad perform today. while yesterday seemed to be about isolation and reaction as an individual, today's dancers clearly broke off into two twin-set pairs. the first couple moved together mostly with violence and contempt, while the second couple, still provoking each other, did so with compassion. when each couple collapsed from emotional exhaustion, the first always fell apart, the second always pulled together. at the end only the second couple were still continuing their dance.

at a certain point today, like yesterday noticing the ripples in the water, i noticed the smoky dust created by the flour that started to fill the room - like a cartoon character creating a dust storm around a fervent burst of energy, in this case the energy it takes to continue the sometimes exhausting dialogue with someone you love. i also decided that menomena's music created a beautifully surging soundtrack to the dancer's world that wasn't necessarily on the same exact rhythm - sometimes things you should be noticing need a chance to have a slightly different beat for you to pay attention to them.

footnote - i'm typing this in ear shot of acdickson's powerseller performance - an audible reminder that my post for him is still overdue. buzz for him has surely spread. the atrium is packed and you can tell he's loving all the attention. he's working it really well, and it's really great to see.

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