Monday, September 13, 2004

Monster Squad I and II 

If Monday's show is half as hot as Saturday's or Sunday's it's still worth the price of admission. Monster Squad's beautiful meditations on human relations tear down the walls of dispassion. Accompanied, and enhanced by the stunning score of the Menomena trio (each part of the dance scored by a different band member) the dancers move through the daily element (water and flour so far; light on Monday) with grace and fluidity. As beautiful as their relationship to one another is the relationship they have with the set. The ripples and waves of the water crossing the shallow pool, the light refracted on the ceiling, or the added instrumentation of dripping from a dancer's dress or hair make a pretty piece exquisite. The droplets flying into the audience from a slide or twirl, or the cloud of flour created with contact extend the trajectory of movement beyond the boundaries of the dancer. All this illuminates the otherwise invisible energy that ties the dancers together; an energy only sensed in other dances is here seen. This in and of itself would be commendable but the piece is well rounded and full. Striking images abound. There are repeated gestures across the days and while much of the score and choreography seem to play on a loop they do not tire. I'm full of anticipation waiting for tomorrow's conclusion. I can't imagine how they will use light to the same effect that they've used flour and water. It doesn't seem a comparable element. Of course, I'm willing to be awed and schooled, and based on parts I and II, I have no doubt that the Squad will deliver.

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