Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Monday was my Funday 

Yesterday was more of a big party for me than a sampling of shows. I had to go to work, so that limited what I could see during the day. Then, I had to help people use my office for an important phone bank, so it wasn't a packed day of TBA sightings.

I did manage to catch the last Monster Squad, which was still as sexy as ever! But this time there were some new people, including a (gasp!) male dancer:

Well, after that, Chris and I went to the Daily for a late lunch and we watched some people hang up glitter paintings.

I didn't get back till later when we saw The Blow.

It was okay, but I wasn't really sure what was going on, so I hung out by the bar and drank vodka sodas provided by Satan's Little Helper:

She did get in trouble though, when she made my second drink with tonic water. Ick! Anyway, has anyone else noticed the TBA Death Star?

Eventually, I just got more tipsy than I intended and had a great time listening to Anna Oxygen and DJ Teenage:

I also ran into Kristan and some of her gang,

who gave me the low-down on the people I thought were cute in the crowd. Leave it to me to like the married ones from out of town. So, for all you matchmakers, I'm still looking for TBA dates! More soon…

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