Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Kicking Myself 

While I was happy to see Édouard Lock's gorgeous film yesterday,

I was really kicking myself for choosing it over seeing Lone Twin's lecture. Everyone I talked to said their lecture was the best thing to happen at TBA so far. Well, I suppose I'll see them perform on Saturday, but the lecture sounded really unique and top drawer.

I also saw Cosmin Menolescu's lecture on Romanian dance.

He didn't wear the pig mask the whole time. What the pig mask and the palm tree gobo had to do with each other, I'll never know. Anyway, his talk was great because he showed a piece from Manuel Pelmus.

Pelmus did my favorite performance at last year's TBA with Punct Fix. Something about Pelmus' obsession with repeating quotidian gestures until they become unrecognizable really appeals to me. It is similar to the way we work with action in a Liminal show.

After Cosmin, we went to see Ethel. Their performance of John Zorn's Cat O'Nine Tails was really great. The rest of the time, I expected them to, at any moment, segue into a jingle for Powder Milk biscuits or present an e-chievement award.

Tonight should be fun. I'm looking forward to Deborah Hay, although I do admit that I'm getting weary of so many dance programs. Where is the good old theatre when you need it?

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