Thursday, September 02, 2004

Khaela Watch. Day 3 

In she bounds with a surprise for us all. It’s sometime in the afternoon. Everyone is lounging about in some sort of prone position. It’s Wednesday, which means new comics. The boom box is up in Mike’s studio so Lorel makes due with the DVD player, messing with power buttons as she tells me the story.

"So I wrote that friend about how much I wanted to hear that new EP by The Blow again. And I told him how it felt like my brain was falling apart, drifting into a chaotic mess of malfunctioning synapses. I told him I wanted to go for another drive, so I could hear it one more time. And then, this morning I get a call. ‘Look in your mailbox,’ he says. So I do. And it was there. And now everything is OK. In fact, it’s about to get better."

And then the music kicks in. And she’s right. It does get better.

Later, Lorel and I have a discussion about pirating cd’s. We agree that we don’t like it, but that sometimes there just aren’t any other options. Well, there are, but you know what I mean. And we decide that if and when we see Khaela again we’re just going to give her money. We haven’t decided exactly how much, but more than just a little. (Shhhh. Don’t tell her record label.)

Mike and Butch don’t comment much on the album. But later still, hours after Lorel has fled the house with her new love, Mike asks me what it was that we were listening to. I tell him. He sits down at his computer and starts clicking away. I foolishly assume he’s making revisions to a paper about Franciscan monks and their influence on Renaissance painting. I stare into the refrigerator, wishing I had a bottle of grape soda.

"Holy shit," he exclaims. So I duck my head into the living room and provide an audience for his amazement.

"You know that girl, band, whatever, The Blow?"


"Well, on this one file sharing group there’s only one person who has any of her music and there are over 1,000 people in line to download it. Who is this girl?"

"I’m not really sure," I say, "but I’m beginning to like her more and more each day."

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