Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Khaela Watch. Day 2 

I wake up early for a change and as far as I can tell there are no jobs to be had anywhere in Portland. Nothing worth applying for anyway.

Thoughts drift to yesterday and I find myself poking around K Records On-line. The Blow. Three songs available without cost. The first one leaves me a little cold. The second, "Jet Ski Accidents" makes my heart twitch like the memory of kissing Dana on the beach, her face illuminated by the not-so-distance hiss and glow of rows upon rows of Roman Candles. It’s good. Soft. Sincere. Honest. The third sits somewhere in the middle.

I put "Jet Ski Accidents" on a loop and read a little about the Pregnancy EP’s and the fact that Khaela’s performing on my birthday at Machineworks. We’ll have to go, I say to myself.
Later I tell a version of this to Lorel. She’s the "she" of yesterday’s "saying." She tells me a similar story. She likes "Jet Ski Accidents" too and listened to it all day. Like mine, her internal jukebox is a little off-kilter, too. For a relative stranger, she’s relatively familiar to me.

Ba Ba Bum. Ba Ba Bum. Ba Ba Bum.

Later I sit down to a dinner of Triscuts and hummus and grape soda. Mike and I talk about comic books and Cimabue. Butch is standing by the coffee pot, trying to decide whether or not he should ride his bike to work in the morning. Lorel is in the living room, writing to a friend.

"Can I say that my head atrophied?" she asks.

We tell her no. Muscles atrophy. And regardless of people saying that the brain is like a muscle, it isn’t.

"How about entropy?"

No, Mike and Butch reply. Entropy means the process of moving toward chaos. We're not sure what you're trying to say, but I doubt you want to say that your brain is in a state of entropy.

Later the conversation drifts into paradox. Is entropy a state or just a process? When you are between here and there – is it a place you occupy or just a process of becoming. Ultimately we decide that it depends on whenther the here is Portland and the there is Hoboken and the in between is Glacier National Park, or if the here is Order and the there is Chaos and the in between is, well, Entropy. The conversation rambles and touches upon Achilles and rabbits and Alister Crowley.

Katy comes home and suggests that we go get some candy for dessert. Always a good idea.

Little did I know then that Lorel was trying to describe what one day without The Blow’s new EP felt like for her. Little did I know that she was securing the next significant development in Khaela Watch.

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