Monday, September 20, 2004

Hotel Pool 

Headlong Dance Theater's pool concept was an interesting novelty. It was fun to be at the Hilton for something other than a fundraiser or awards luncheon.

But why did Headlong even bother to tack a plot structure on this? The writing was just silly and the acting was, well, acting. Someone should write a guide for 20-something actors and include the maxim "don't perform phony cell phone conversations, especially if you're going to pretend to 'accidentally' drop the phone into a swimming pool." it was often too dark to see what they were doing, but these pics give you an idea:

Pools make people look awkward. The dancers were usually trying to be graceful, but because they're not olympic synchronized swimmers, it still looked awkward. I wish they would have emphasized the awkwardness of it all rather than the "corporate woman falls into surreal hotel pool dream" thing. The best part was the projected live image of their underwater shenanigans. There was a lot they could have discovered there.

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