Thursday, September 16, 2004

Chameckilerner: Modern Dance is Sexy 

Chameckilerner: Modern Dance is sexy

This is not a review of Chameckilerner. It is this woman’s response to modern dance. Modern dance makes me horny. No matter what the stated topic of exploration is, it always seems to come down to being hot and sexy. I watch the first piece, beautiful bodies leap and crawl over each other and I think sex. I watch the next. Two men stand on either side of a woman. They face the audience. One reaches and pulls her face towards him. The other man reaches and does the same. I think threesome. Does this only happen to me? I’m having what I’m gonna call a Blow moment. One of those moments Khaela M. describes in Blue Sky vs. Night Sky, where you wonder if everyone else knows something you don’t. Like not to stare at the moon cause it’ll fuck you up or how not to be turned on by hot bodies leaping around a stage to bad ass music (Azores) that sounds like helicopters landing, stomachs growling and a violin bow rubbing against your body. I read that this performance was about fear and mental illness, topics that intrigue me, but all I think about over the one hour is sex. I look around. People with their heads resting on bent elbows squint seriously and purse their lips. People take notes in the dark. Me, well. . .um I’m thinking about sex. I look at the squinting audience once more and then back to the stage where lithe, young sweaty bodies move with intention. For me, its simple-- modern dance is just plain hot.

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