Monday, July 26, 2004

Hot T: B:A: O4 Posters! 

Just when you thought it was safe for contemporary art in Portland - we have received calls from PICA's stylist in residence that one of our precious T: B:A posters was stolen! lifted! pilfered! from the 30th and Belmont bus shelter outside of the Plaid Pantry.

Who would have done such a thing? Rabid lone twin fans perhaps? Someone hoping to hold it ransom for T: B:A tickets? Who know what drives such a beast.

Thankfully our public partners at Tri-Met have a poster contingency plan and once again those handsome brits will grace 30th ave. So to the rest of you- good citizens of Portland we charge you with becoming T: B:A watchdogs. If you see someone carrying a giant T: B:A poster in the dark of night- bring them and the poster alive and uncrumpled to the PICA offices and we will award you with two free tickets to any T: B:A performance of your choice.

What happens to the thief. Well we have a few of William Pope L.'s left over hotdogs and he or she is in for a tasty meal.



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