Monday, July 26, 2004

Hot T: B:A: O4 Posters! 

Just when you thought it was safe for contemporary art in Portland - we have received calls from PICA's stylist in residence that one of our precious T: B:A posters was stolen! lifted! pilfered! from the 30th and Belmont bus shelter outside of the Plaid Pantry.

Who would have done such a thing? Rabid lone twin fans perhaps? Someone hoping to hold it ransom for T: B:A tickets? Who know what drives such a beast.

Thankfully our public partners at Tri-Met have a poster contingency plan and once again those handsome brits will grace 30th ave. So to the rest of you- good citizens of Portland we charge you with becoming T: B:A watchdogs. If you see someone carrying a giant T: B:A poster in the dark of night- bring them and the poster alive and uncrumpled to the PICA offices and we will award you with two free tickets to any T: B:A performance of your choice.

What happens to the thief. Well we have a few of William Pope L.'s left over hotdogs and he or she is in for a tasty meal.



Friday, July 23, 2004

Almost time for T : B A : O 4 

Here we are just a few months away from the Festival. The PICA staff is in training for a -sleep deprived -extra long- ten day week that is sure to push us to the edge we live to perch upon.

What does training involve exactly? Daily calisthenics, word jumble marathons, massive doses of emergen-c, and healthy portions of Kenny's fries at Blue Hour.

All of that hard work is paying off as the TBA Catalog has landed in your mailbox or in candy colored piles at your local coffee shop- looking shiny, new and jam packed with all the goodness that the TBA Festival Artists have to offer.

Speaking of TBA Artists. The Festival begins when they start landing in our not so tiny town - expect to spot your soon to be favorite international choreographer, filmmaker or other genre breaking artist roaming the streets of Portland sometime in the first days of September .

It is then that we look to our TBA Press Corps a group of TBA enthusiasts including writers, photographers and videographers to track our artists every move. Less Paparazzi and more "opinionated archivists" the members of the TBA Press Corps will write daily reviews, updates and behind the scenes commentary.

Sign up now for TBA E-mails on PICA's web site (www.pica.org) this will help you stay up to the minuite on what's happening at TBA including notice when the TBA O4 blog starts buzzing.

Yours in word and deed,

Kristan Kennedy

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