Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Uchizono Salon  

Isolated feet half the audience can’t see
Hidden under bodies
Strange spiders crawling through pools of light
Fiery men bearing cool women
Who slide across the floor faces down
Sense one another’s importance
Repeat motifs of movement and lust
Complex mating ritual feathered beast cock fight
Smoldering passion and
Defined gender role glimpses
Of subversions in culturally constructed
Notions of machismo.
Fight or dance, how men use aggression in code
Of twist and leap
How it changes for the women, the shy one
(not used nearly enough for my tastes)
Sliding again, discounted in counterpoint
Double male single female flow
Never flying but charcoal
A slow boil of something thick
That wants to bubble out the pot and burn
But the lid never comes off
Instead poses for the fire
Then winks
A last parting gesture of touching feet

Sage Ricci

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