Monday, September 15, 2003

Tracie Morris 

Plainly speaking, Tracie Morris kicks ass. She is a fierce woman, poet and thinker. She is part of a new breed of poetic rock stars who perform in true multimedia fashion doing duets w/ invisible miked voices (in this case Mike Ladd), using machines and technology like a quill. Sunday night's glimpse of Afrofuturistic is exciting, especially in that it is a poetic performance that addresses many current political and cultural matter. Tracie Morris's Afrofuturistic takes us back (and forward) to Ancient Greece, to the town meetings in which performers, after swallowing whole the world, responded to the issues of the day on stage. Tracie Morris poeticizes on race, culture, class, love, desire, vaginas, dystopias, the environment and reality T.V. all the while barefoot. fierce.

Amanda D.

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