Saturday, September 20, 2003

Time Based Art 

In Three Parts

I. Time
From Old English tima derived from
IE. di-men, meaning Base *da(i)-,
To divide up

Part I, duration & continuance
Defined as 1. unlimited duration in which things
happen in the past, present or future
Every moment there has ever been or ever will be
a) the entire period of existence of the known
of finite duration as distinguished from Infinity (like
time-limited humanity dancing on special order crutches
calling himself the Crutchmaster. Grab him by the elbow
to help &
he knows you already a thousand times) to part
To divide up, whence Tide, see tide
Sanskrit dati, (he) cuts off
Originally a period of time, now only in combinnaaaa
....shhhhuns [as in Nations)
(bringing it from the street to the stage).

II. Based

(bas)d, Old French, definition three
the Principle or essential ingredient
As an adjective; to put or rest (on)
As in
To base a guess on past experience, (Like I wanted
to weep like all the times before
when I've heard stories
like Coco Fusco's character told
of being a young girl drugged and humiliated at
the hands of a someOne in someKind of power.
But I couldn't. Weep that is. The story being told for the
titillation of the others off stage---
like me? I don't want to think this--- asking
to hear more, see more, feel more
"...I came here for the necro act...go grrrlllss! LOL")

III. Art

Middle English derived from OFr. arte < L.
Artis, ars,*ar- To join, fit together, whence
Arm, articulate. Number 1
Human ability to make things; creativity of humans
as distinguished from the world of Nature. (Like Manuel
Pelmus and company
slowly unravelling bigRolls of bubble wrap
while twisting & stretching &
stepping on ragtag bits of civilization and doing it
some more then some more then some more?)

Making or doing of things that display form
Beauty, and unusual perceptions (then yes)
4. any craft, trade, or profession or its principles
as in--the cobbler's art [derived from "cob"
b) a leader: chief Or americanized--the central
kernel-bearing part of... Or
4 again, a male swan.]

Art (archaic) learning or branch of learning

As a synonym, the word
Denotes in it's broadest sense Merely
the ability to make something or to execute a plan

Art 2, archaic 2nd person, singular, present tense,
Indictative of Be: used with Thou.

Lilian Gael
poem #2 in: Etymology, With Websters 2nd Edition as Muse

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