Monday, September 15, 2003

(tba) FEs tI vAl 

A time of day of feasting or celebration or
A series of performances of a certain kind (a Certain Kind) or
Merrymaking and
see Feast, (a word on page 511 embedded
between the feasible & feat. Surely
An omen of good tidings)
Derived from festus, L., joyful
Origin... of days for religious observances
(perhaps like;
The prayer spun by
Lawrence Goldhuber as Barry Goldhubris slowly
Dancing & talking the few moments in a life
When well-defended American Sanity
Cracks Way up into a straitJacked reality?)

See fair, a holiday akin to the Latin fetus (note above)
Derived from dhes-, used in religious terms,
Whence Oscan fiisnu, temple, Arm. dik, gods.

Lilian Gael
(maybe the beginning of a series of review poems called, hmmm, let's say: Etymology, starring Websters 2nd edition Dictionary as Muse)

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