Sunday, September 21, 2003

September 19 

Bill Shannon is very attractive. I’m just going to say that and get it over with. It’s not just me that thinks so. There was a general consensus. He’s got those Brando eyes. Now, about the work. I’m not a dance aficionado and do not know how to talk about it. But I really like the way Mr. Shannon interacts with the “real world”. The video clips of him drawing out the sympathy of passersby are both funny and painful. An exploration of the awkwardness of empathy, grabbing the inner elbow. I would probably do the same thing if I saw someone falling, so I could empathize with the empathizers while at the same time getting his point, I think. It was good to hear him talk about his work and for talk to mingle with the music and the dance, even if he was just resting his arms and DJ Tempo was salty-sweet. During the actual dance part, the crutches seemed like armatures for wings. He spread them like wings and folded them like wings. I’m sure this analogy has been used, but I couldn’t help thinking of Icarus. Icarus, as we all know, flew too close to the sun with wings that his father made and when the wax of his wings melted, he fell into the sea. So much of his dance seemed like falling, but falling with grace and style and never quite crashing into the sea, just skimming the surface then coming up to fall some more.

Later went to machine works with a small gang of girls on bikes. Seemed appropriate for the show there, the house of you-know-what. Very funny burlesque style entertainment. Kind of Saturday night live when it was good. So many people there, it was hard to see. I stood on my toes and saw snippets. I was impressed.

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