Friday, September 19, 2003

A Quick Blog Bewteen Acts 

It's Friday night; I'm between shows.
Punct Fix happened last; Crutchmaster happens next.
The lobby is filling up; I'm connected to the wireless.
One hour ago, I was late; they let me watch in the booth.

I hear bubble wrap behind plate glass; the performers are tense.
The performers are occupied; they stretch but do not speak.
The left performer is low; he is dynamic immobility.
The center performer is high; I see his belly button.
The right performer is mid; she wrings.
I am glad they are at TBA; they are better than jazz.

I smell someone's to-go; someone else plays a video game.
Chris just arrived; he is sad that his laptop can't find the network.
The sound check is thundering behind closed doors; this is exciting.

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