Wednesday, September 24, 2003


Much like the Iyer/Ladd show (which I wrote about in an earlier post), Quasar’s “Lend Me Your Eyes” was a well-crafted performance with a social message that didn’t leave room for critique or inspiration. The performance consisted of two general themes related only by their geographic origins. The first was a series of short dances inspired by the group’s “interventions” in Brazilian cities, most of them involving the dancers mimicking the actions of homeless individuals. The latter half of the show transitioned into a documentary-based piece about elderly folks, appropriately beginning with their nostalgic storytelling and ending with their fears about impending death. The dancers were highly talented, the choreography inventive and often engaging, daring to go beyond beautiful movement to explore the grotesque in a way that I have rarely seen even in contemporary dance. Throughout the entire performance, I was caught between wanting to enjoy the piece purely for its physicality and being forced to follow the loose narratives, which were not particularly engaging.

Katherine Bovee

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