Monday, September 15, 2003

Monday night Machineworks 

The grass/trees installation in Machineworks stinks, smells like that cheese (limberger?) that only a few will eat. There's stunning new portopotty technology. We have porto pottysinks w/ portopotty soap and porto potty water. (Is the water stored in the plastic bin box sink thing?) Pump the round disc 8 times for water. At Monday nights Machineworks I’m struck by the lack of civilians. It all seems to be Pica staff, local PDX arteratti and people from Weiden + Kennedy. I sit alone and try to have a direct experience with the art but find it is difficult to do that. I leave half way through John Moran. I came to see Tracie Morris anyway. I’m semi familiar w/ her work and recall her poem , “Project Princess” well. I am able to experience what I see of Afrofuturistic but it definitely felt short, like a taste and I left feeling fairly unsatisfied. I was excited by the venue and cabaret style, but felt like the meat of the event was missing.

Amanda D

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