Thursday, September 18, 2003

Love's Fowl on Saturday the 13th 

Here are some of the notes I took during Susan Vitucci's "Love's Fowl" performance on Saturday evening:

Traveling circus feel
Ritualistic method of setting up a stage/part of performance
Miniature world
Like setting up a doll house
"I'm a young chick and ready..." Adventure and growing up
Vitucci's body on screen, backdrop for puppetry, play between miniature world and real, a true marriage of these worlds
Puppet's ascending at close--over words to sky/off the screen

I was most interested in how Vitucci informed her brightly colored, clothespin puppets' performance with her presence in their opera. The audience watched both a miniature story (puppets) and humans on stage (Vitucci and Company). Two large screens showed a close-up view of Vitucci manipulating her puppets. Vitucci's torso was the backdrop for the audience's viewing of the opera. The stage was set up symmetrically with Vitucci positioned in the center. It was as though the audience was watching her play dolls multimedia style. I think that Vitucci respects and reveres her puppets, particularly her heroine, Chickie Little, and helps them communicate their story to audiences. The puppets seemed delicate and fragile, and much care was taken to insure that they were properly maneuvered.
The performance made me think a lot about what one watches during a performance--the object or the subject--and how to view both of these ideas effectively.

--Muffie White

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