Sunday, September 21, 2003

Love's Foul - Brava Vitucci 

The stage is exposed; a man sweeps upstage right to left.
Another man tunes the piano; he eats from a bag of cheese puffs.
He is funny at first; the joke becomes cliche.
The audience wears Sunday casuals; we are still at PICA.
Video screens and clothespins contrast scale; never trust wireless mics.
I long for actors and sets that store in a box; I am recovering from an 11 hour weekend rehearsal.
Here you see a chicken who has loved and who has lost; Evita for foul minds.
Vitucci turns away every time her assistant places the next setting; there is a way things must be done.
Chris likes the show for its lack of pretense; it does not want to be groundbreaking.
It’s always forever and it’s always you; we enjoy the walk home.

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