Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Linda Austin at BodyVox: Big Real 

Linda Austin in a green shift dress, working-in-progress: Big Real.

Linda on four black foot stools-worth of stage before a white screen.

Linda's wiry self applied to series of seemingly improvised movements.

Linda brilliant in later repeating same series, revealed to be narrative.

Linda and a little man…you say homunculus, I say doll (potato=potato): she tells him how it is: series of "Brute Facts" in slide show form on vid; she tells him how it was: "Survival was automatic, like walking. I walked. I forgot how to talk."

Linda powerfully using one element to push others/to pull, inform: video/sound/light/movement/prop (Love L's work in dark w/ tiny hand-manipulated light's!…here you are, little man, your own tiny spotlight.) (Love elements appear-/disappearance from/behind white scrim screen)

Linda knowing who's of who to put together ex-pert-ly a group of collabs who elevate the piece, especially music by JP Jenkins & Leslie Ross.

Linda who was/knew/heard about/created/channeled the "girl with blond hair" on Avenue B "who holds out her hands, first one then the other," offering, "Dissolution. Reconstruction." Not-Linda (Lisa) floored and bound by narrative.

Linda's invitation-by-performance to come back to then (girl with blond hair), invitation-by-performance (lovely tease) to come to January next when full Big Real revealed (at PWNW).

Not-Linda (Lisa) not able to wait.

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