Friday, September 19, 2003

If I Wanted A Lecture I'd Call My Mother: Still A Sucker for a Man and A Microphone 

Amos Latteier and Andrew Dickson at BodyVox

Veracity I
Drifting rift slip lightly if thoroughly through model and systemasmodel and trendasmodel and models of models and and batten down the hatches, plywood the panel windows it's a Brain Storm, hurricane eye lensed over "Model". I'd like to sit up late with you Mr. Latteier. Because a man who can give equal footing to a supermodel and Mr. Dewey (of Decimal) is okay with me. But darn you for Compelling me to NoteTake (and on content, no less, not performance!)…this is the power of the Point and the man with the mic.

Veracity II
Someone needs to email Bradlee Simmons at bradlee@hotmail.com and let him know that if he ever wore that batik shirt in his alleged hometown of Long Beach, stomping grounds of Mike Watt and Charles Bukowski, he'd get his happy ass Kicked, (although I'll give him Santa Cruz or Humboldt County). I say this because I really like the guy (as in-habit-ed, as mannered-isms brought to you by Andrew Dickson). Best was film, lovely lo-fi wishyouwerehere postcard from the City of Roses (parkinglotsidewalkFredM's+Bradlee!). Love the triangle (ding!) and the deadpan/reluctant assistant. Trapeze act swinging between presentation (Understand Me), and seminar (Join Me/sub-thread:You Are OK) could use a re-weave or an iron or a suspension bridge. More Bradlee, less Us. Please.

-- Lisa Radon

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