Thursday, September 18, 2003

Feet in Mouth vs. Mouths of Feet, Amplified 

Foot In Mouth at BodyVox

High hopes for interaction of button-pushing mic-eaters: two suited secretaries ("I'm a Receptionist; I Receive people.") in cutaway grey-walled cubicles…voice + voice, voice vs. voice, layering and ping-pong games across the stage. The electronification when in service of voice added texture and complexity, but too, drifted into bludgeoning of sound of word (bludgeoning of audience with sound, e.g. electroscream that set even dancers to twitching...if techno had sex with hip-hop with a metal side salad, birthing a tech-hop Marilyn Manson...).

Meanwhile, Ann Taylor career girls in black hot pants play out reluctant/nonconforming career girl seduced by glam corporate stooge…I will show you How to Be. Something about breathing corporate air...very Borg ("You will be Assimilated.") to a Darth Vader hyperventilation soundtrack.

Highly unfortunate Human Beat Box Moment when corporate fly-girls Went To Town (pump-it-up girl!). Experienced general unsureness about whether this was sub-thread comment on corporate media culture or if they just wanted to Paula Abdul.

Ivory and Eryn interaction interests, would like to hear more. Alice and Amelia, fine dancers both, got mired in overtired, over-themed-party burlesque.

-- Lisa Radon

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