Friday, September 12, 2003

Ambivalent Offering 

Just read your review, Tim. I have to admit that I didn't really experience anything transformative at the event in Jameson Square. Not that I didn't value the time spent. I have another entry to post that says more about what I did experience. I believe Eiko and Koma's title gets at the heart of what I felt about the event. Their piece is called "Offering." The primary definition of an offering is "to present for acceptance or rejection." This implies to me that the person(s) receiving the offering have an active role to play in the act. Eiko and Koma presented their offering behind a barrier of lights that prevented the audience from entering their environment. The primary elements of an isolated wet setting, recorded ambient sound, slow tense physical action and polite public audience made for a pleasant experience, but left me ambivalent. I felt no need to accept or reject anything. I stood there for a while and then left.

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